Tales of a Mismatched Life

I have five children, 2 that I claim (“hubby’s” children) and three that I spawned.  The age range is between 24, 21, and 18, to 5 (two identical Twin girls)…I have two granddaughters, but I only get to see one as the other one is out of state….I live for my girls….but I can’t do the SAHM bit…One, I can’t really afford to do so financially and two, I’d go batty….I can’t stay at home….I tried with my first child….I have nothing but respect for the SAHM/Ds out there, but not this chicken…


On to another topic….coupons

What a wonderful concept…espeically when I can print them online.  I have a secret addiction to AMP’d energy drinks (only the “revitilize” (orange) one) and I have coupons for $1 off a can…Fry’s has them on sale for $1.25 a can…do the math, I will be “AMP’d” up for $.25 a can….This is one of the little pleasures that I get in my life…



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