Holy Cow Batman!!!

OMG…bad form on my part!!! I can’t believe that I completely forgot what today was…

I can’t believe that it was 7 years ago…what’s scary is that I remember where I was when I heard about the first tower going down, I remember the second one…I remember getting to work and being terrified that Tucson would be a target as well due to Raytheon and DM….I remember thinking about my kids…and then the nerve racking trip to two different schools to pick up the kids..going home and just staring at the TV for the rest of the day…wow.

7 years later, my youngest son will be 19 in december and has just graduated from the USMC’s version of Boot Camp and is back in SOI…and I’m torn between being proud of him and supporting his decision to take this path (despite that politically, I’m completely against it..not the armed forces but the politics of being in Iraq and Afganistan) and being scared that he will not come home…. I think the pride is slowing winning my internal war…but 9/11 was a key moment in my son’s life…

On to other news…my dearest is having his gall bladder removed tomorrow…and he’s scared. So am I, but…it’s my job to be Da Momma…so I’m going to be there the entire time to make sure he’s got me there when he goes in and he’s got me there when he comes out…the hospital staff will just need to get a grip…

So there…


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