I am from………….

So the latest prompt for me to start a blog up, has been Mary from Owlhaven. If you haven’t read her blog yet, do so…Anyway, her blog recently moved to it’s on home and I ended visiting the archives…and found her version of the “I am from..” poem. That got my creative interest so I did some reasearch and found some other examples and decided to take my own stab at it…

Here goes:

I am from a lone plum tree in the corner yard of a rundown garage apartment, from Lucky Charms and Q-tips. 
I am from the old dump trailer in the back yard that I dug under like an errant puppy and used for a “fort,” playing with earthworm after earthworm until I was convinced that I was an honorary member of their clan.
I am from the honeysuckle plants that lined the side fence like sweet California nectar. 
I am from the scratchy, prickly tumbleweeds that had to be pulled every year as part of some obscure Sonoran ritual. 
I am from homemade chocolate chip cookies that were piled dozen after dozen every holiday season, guarded by my mother, who watched my like a hawk, from reading with my tongue stuck out slightly,  from Pearl Mardell and Gladys and the adoptive grandparents of the neighborhood. 
I am from the intellect that only comes from reading incessantly througout my entire childhood and developing that vocabulary that can astound or disgust…heal or hurt, irritate and vex with the minimum amount of effort; from the pragmatism of knowing that life isn’t all in the books and sometimes you have to fold over the corner of the page, or grab the nearest scrap of paper, close the book and look at the world around you. 
I am from a hodgepodge of traditional “christian” values, mixed with the commone sense of a grandmother from Kansas who went to her “Dorcus” group every Saturday, and the realization that TRUE faith and religion is what you make of it in your heart and in your soul. 
I am from Santa Maria and Tucson, from the Basque region of Spain, from the the border between German and French, from Hodsell island and from the desert of Arizona, from Porcupine Meatballs and scrambled egg omelettes with nothing but cheese in them.
I am from watching Lawerence Welk every Saturday with my Nana G, sleeping on her hide-a-bed couch and taking a bath in her pasty salmon colored bath tub, from looking at picture after picture in Nana Percy’s house on Pine street, and then again in Nana G’s house year later, surrounded by powdery pink smelling dusting all the shelves that were covered with every Garfield trinket an 8 year old could afford.

I am from watching “Tommy” at the drive-in with my uncle when I was 3 and he was 16, a complete surfer boy during my entire childhood, from listening to cassettes of top 40 during 1980 and dancing in my bedroom, from posters of Shaun Cassidy and Mike Nesmith on my walls.  I am from mustard yellow formica, a pressed wood kitchen table and Calico, from her daughter Panda and her son Wiskers…from that avacado green chair to the desk in the corner.  I am from sunshine yellow walls that clashed with my pretenda cheneille bedspread in the most interesting shade of dark orange.  I am from whitewashed brick wall and stained glass, from Scooby-doo and from the Superfriends.



One Response to “I am from………….”

  1. Mary Owlhaven Says:

    “knowing that life isn’t all in books…..” I love the sentences surrounding those words…..

    Great job, and thanks for the link


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