The Shining Light Fund

I have been driving Keith bonkers lately because I have spent the week signing up for surveys and free samples from PYP’s “less then a penny” forum. Typically he thinks it’s all a waste of time until the samples come in (usually with coupons attached). Which brings me in a round about kinda way to mention The Shining Light Fund. This is absolutely mindblowing site and organization dedciated to helping those mother’s who have lost a child. They will make bracelets out of crystals to commemorate the child that was lost.

Myself, I have been blessed to have not lost any of my children. However, I have two people are most dear to me that have, and I can’t even begin to grasp the level of pain that causes. I can only imagine what that must be like…

In any case, the site’s mission statement reads:

The Shining Light Fund’s mission is to honor these families and remember their children. Through this website and our Mother’s Bracelet program, we offer acknowledgment, compassion, and understanding.

To those who all too often grieve in silence, we extend our support.

If you have lost a child or know someone who has, or even if you are inclined to help a worthwhile charity, check this one out.


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