The Fantabulous-ness of Purple!

I have found the most wonderful store!!!! I made the mistake of looking online for a purple Santa hat. I found one at this fantabulous website the Purple Store OMG!!!! Nirvana for the Goddess of all things Purple!!!! I found two different hats. One plain purple fuzzy, and one leopard print purple…woot!

Needsless to say I didn’t buy it because there is no way I would be able to get it before the holidays. But I will buy it after the first of the year…along with a t-shirt that says “Those who control the purple, control the world.”  cue evil laughter I am truly tickled.

I’m at a loss as to what to do with Number one daughter (actually number two because the oldest is still at home at almost 22, but she’s an adult)..anyway, my oldest 6 year old (by a minute) has decided that she is posessed by aliens testing bounderies and it’s driving me nuts!!!!  If I say “no” to anything…”DAADDY!!”   Oy vey…Daddy is getting better though…he will actually listen to what she is asking for and tell her “no”…it’s when she catches him off guard with the nagging that is akin to a mesquito buzzing around your ear in the summer time, that he caves.

I considered eating her when she was young…I’m still undecided as to whether or not it was a good thing that I didn’t.  I’ll have to ponder that some more.


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