Project Linus

There are times that I really love my job.  Okay I usually love my job…I tend to feel a bit unappreciated at times, but for the most part I enjoy what I do.  But what has caused me to spout my love for this job tonight is that I talked to one of the committee members about doing a fundraiser for Project Linus. I have to say this makes me very happy. For those of you playing at home…my (now) 6 year old twin girls were born 10 weeks premature. They had to stay in the PICU for 7 weeks until they each weighed 5 lbs. Anyway, they both received blankets from Project Linus while they were at the hospital and it just meant the world to me that they had them and that someone had taken the time to the make a blanket for the girls…they still use them. I can’t sit still or stay focused enough to finish a blanket but I am a big advocate for the Tucson Chapter and try to get all the volunteers steared towards them as I can.

Topic Change:

So Keith is giving me a hard time about not decorating the tree. Like it’s all MY issue. Number one, we have one little corner tree up and lit up. Two we have only had the big tree up for 2 days. Again, Oy Vey..I’ll put the lights on tomorrow. Promise.


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