Motherhood–Anthony style

WARNING: THIS POST CONCERNS THE CASEY/CAYLEE ANTHONY HEADLINES THAT ARE ALL OVER THE NEWS. Please feel free to skip this post if this will bother you in any way shape or form

Okay, Now that I have the disclaimer out the way….it’s 10:12 PM with me right now and I’m getting ready to hit the bed….But I was jumping around CNN and I saw the latest on the Caylee Anthony investigation. The redneck in me is having fits because there is an uncharitable part of me that things Casey Anthony should be strung up by her toes. Then there’s the part of me that trys to be open minded and “let’s look at all the angles.”

I can’t be the only that is having a duel between the logical side of my brain and the emotional.

Logical: We don’t know all the facts. She is innocent until PROVEN guilty. Perhaps this was a tragic accident that she just made a bad choice on.

Emotional: How can you give birth to a child and then A) harm that child, or B) hide the fact that either you or someone else harmed that child for MONTHS.

It just astounds me how someone, anyone can take such a blessed gift of a child and just toss it into a plastic bag and be done with it.

I’m sorry, I know this is a touchy subject but it just makes me want to hold my girls a little tighter when they come to me and say “Mommy, I’m sorry for talking back.” or “I didn’t mean to sit on the play-doh and get it all over my pants.” or Just to tell me that I’m the bestest mommy in the whole world and they want to give me butterfly kisses.

Unlike Casey, I treasure my little brats.

They make me want to pull my hair out, since I’m going prematurely grey, but still, I’d not trade them for love nor money. No Sane mother ever would.
Okay off my soapbox…just had to vent a tiny bit.


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2 Responses to “Motherhood–Anthony style”

  1. broken_hearted Says:

    Everything has really been said. Just venting! I am a mother a grandmother and a pre-k teacher! My daughter, her husband and their two children had to give up their home and come live with my husband and I. Yes after my husband and I have lived the last 8 yrs alone its been hard to adjust with the children in the house, BUT GETTING RID OF MY CHILDREN OR GRANDCHILDREN HAS NEVER CROSS MY MIND. I have wondered about death like most of us do,but never have I thought of killing them or anyone else…I have watched my sister lose her son less then a year ago we are all greiving to this day! Its like part of our family is missing and it is ! You should not have to bury your children much less decide when they should die…Casey has to be crazy as well as her family . I say if the lawyer knows anything about what happen to Caylee he should be charged along with the rest of them! There is a place for all of them…I’m so glad Caylee is know longer in the hands of what those ppl. might have been doing and or saying to her…Shame Shame on their murderess hands. I love you Caylee if only we have known before they took your life someone would have loved to love you and welcome you in there home. You had the sweetist little voice it will always be rememberd ! God must be so proud to have you ! Rest in peace now you will know longer be unwanted you sweet sweet child…. They are some unkindly animals.

    • caliphoenix Says:

      This is such a touchy subject for many. It’s easy to sit in front of my computer and hold my hand to my mouth in shock at the negative, cruel and unthinkable in this world. I believe in my gut that Casey knows what happened to her child and I believe that she will be held accountable. I am opened minded enough to question the “Why?” But the reality is that no matter what the “Why?” is, the end result if I had been in her shoes would not have been the same. I would cause myself harm before my children. Those core beliefs that I have and that I was raised with. Believe it or not, I feel for Casey Anthony. Eventually, she will have to come to terms with what has happened and the fact that she no longer has that child. At that time, I believe, Casey Anthony will have to deal with the harshest jury of all.


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