She’s a mean one, Mrs. Grinch

Okay so I’m not in full blown Grinch mode today….but I have a raging sinus headache due to taking the dusty branches off of the fake tree and then having Keith rig the tree post so that the cats can’t knock it down again, only to add all the branches back on…And then I went through all of the DVD’s on the shelf by my chair and was attacked by a rampant gang of mutant dust bunnies…I admit, when it comes to dust at home, I’m horrible at taming it. But in my defense, I live on 5.4 acres in the middle of the Sonoran Desert….

Yeah, I know it’s not the best excuse..but it’s really all I have so I’m going to run with it.

Anyway, I have noticed that in my old age (38 on the twelfth of Jan) that my seemingly insignificant dust allergies of my childhood have blossumed into the Equivelant of an atom bomb when it comes to dealing with dust today. At the moment, which is an hour and a half after my brutal attack by the aforementioned bunnies, my head feels like there are two C-clamps that someone is tightening up across my temples…Ouch.

Of course the good side, we did get the tree up finally. and it’s got lights on it….so now we have two trees and lights and we have to just put up the ornaments.


I have a craving for homemade chocolate chip cookies, and frosted sugar cookies.

Keith wants to Divinity…anyone have a good recipie?

Number one Daughter (#1 6 year old twin, AKA the Diva) decided last night to be sweet as pie and tell me that she’s done being mean…I told that was great because I missed having my doctor Princess that is going to take care of me when I get old and decrepit around. She said she missed me too…then gave me one of those “melt my grown up heart” cuddles and then got up and said “I have to be done with the mean stuff momma, otherwise Santa won’t come visit me.”

Again, it’s pretty much all I got so I guess I better run with it.


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