Today has been very complicated. KC is almost due, which naturally means that there are daily bouts of “false labor.”

And just for the record, WordPress posts in GMT which is 7 hours ahead of me in Tucson. Which means even though this post will be listed on December 23, in my world it’s only 8:22 PM on December 22. How disconcerting.

Work today was OMG, BUSY. When you work in a call center and you monitor call volume in 4 different sites and there are over 550 calls in queue across the board, it’s busy. I had trainers, HR, supervisors taking customer calls. I myself took a few calls and my boss goes batty when I do that because I’m “more valuable managing queues.” So if you were one of those 550+ folks in IL, WA or ME, and you called for Roadside assistance, I’m sorry for the hold times.

About halfway through my day, Keith sends me a text and says that his dad is in the hospital. It’s not looking good for the FIL I have yet to meet. Keith devestated because he wants to hope that his dad makes it through this and then having a ER nurse’s perspective and knowing that the odds aren’t good. He picked me up from work and it was heart wrenching for me to see this man that I love do everything he can to not tear up. He said that he was trying to keep it together so he didn’t fall apart.

It took him 25 minutes to get the courage together to call into work tomorrow because he didn’t want to break down on the phone with his boss.

After 4 hours of eating and watching TV on auto-pilot, he finally got some news from his brother. FIL is fine (for now), and is in good spirits. I asked him if he felt a little bit better…

“Yeah, but only a little bit.”

I’ll take it.


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