Post Christmas Meltdown

Before they attacked

I updated my status on Face Book last night just before I went to bed to read “Staci is going to work tomorrow to recover from today.”

That pretty much sums it up for me. It was full of drama like it typically is, but it was very draining. Naturally it started on Wednesday night. Keith fell asleep early (well 9:30) and the “women-folk” were left to finish wrapping…til about 12.30 in the morning. I was up for another 45 minutes after that…which means I roll into bed around 1:20 or so in the morning.

Aiyana had a “bad dream” and climbed into bed with us around 3 or so…and then realized what day it was and then didn’t shut up for the next 2 hours…(At one point, Keith whispered to Aiyana..”Mommy is a little bit Crabby.” to which she responded with a whisper of her own “Mommy is always a little crabby when she doesn’t get her sleep.” Pretty astute, I think, for a six year old.) I never did manage to go back asleep. We had all the presents opened by 630 AM (I got a new Camera, YES!) and it was pretty much chaos for the next hour or so…


Poor Keith had to work yesterday as well, so after he went to work, we cleaned up the house and such, I put the turkey in the oven and then Nicole and Suz went back to bed…I told the girls that I was going to lay down on the couch and watch a movie…Aiyana climbed up with me and we started to watch “National Treasure 2″…I think I woke up about the time they found the lost city of gold.

Aiyana was out for another hour.

My son Damian showed up around 130 or so, and then my oldest Adam showed up with family in tow. Isn’t my Grandbaby, Alexis, adorable?


Here’s Damian being…well..a smart a$$ like his mother. Semper Fi!


Needless to say, I fell into bed completely wiped and didn’t move until 440 AM this morning. Back to work…I need the break.



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