The Quest to use up leftover Mashed Potatoes

I have kinda of a red-neck family ( I know, shocking isn’t it) and we have a tendency to be “traditional” about some things. We always eat Turkey, Ham, stuffing, and Mashed potatoes with Turkey (and Ham) Gravy. The down side is that no one seems to really like the potatoes the day after. I have had miserable luck finding a good Potato patty recipie that didn’t fall apart on me…until this year. I was reading a post on a BBS that I still occasionally log into and found this one…

The basic recipie is this:

2 cups of leftover Mashed pototoes
1 cup leftover turkey
1 cup lefteover stuffing.

Mix, make patties and fry them.

I tweaked it a bit to fit my family’s tastes…

(keep in mind I have 8 people at my house to feed daily)

6 cups of leftover mashed potatoes.
4 cups of Stuffing
4 cups of turkey (and Ham), cubed.
season to taste (I like garlic salt, Onion powder, celery flakes and pepper.)

Mix, Form into patties.

Break out your favorite Cast iron skillet.

heat a couple tablespons of canola oil. Fry those patties up.

Serve with Leftover Turkey gravy.

Watch as everyone scarfs down patties like good little gluttons. heh.






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3 Responses to “The Quest to use up leftover Mashed Potatoes”

  1. ummadam Says:

    So how did he come out, what exactly does it taste like? it sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing.

    • caliphoenix Says:

      I have had no complaints. Last night was the second time I had made them (the first being the day after thanksgiving) It’s been pretty well received from the Hubby, to the Sister, to the twins. It tastes like potatoes with Turkey and Ham to me…I think the stuffing acts as a binder to hold the pattie together. Try it, let me know how it works for you!

  2. tasithoughts Says:

    Thank you for posting this recipe! What a great idea!

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