Crossing Family Borders

Sorry for the delay in posting. It’s been a busy week for me, starting on Monday with the birth of Kaycee (For those of you playing the home game, Kaycee is the biological daughter of my life partner/”hubby” of eight years and his best friend. They are raising a child together without BEING together. It’s complex and interesting and almost Jerry Springer-ish but it is what it is, we will make it work.) ANYWAY, Kaycee is lucky enough to have two mommys….and she is beautiful and all three of her parents are completely awestruck by her….but it’s been a stressful week…thankfully, I will be taking the week off from work next week to help out with the baby. I’ll post a pic or two soon.

So I was be-boppin’ around today (as I am prone to do.) and I came across this article that talks about bounderies that people have with their partners related to…Ahem…bodily functions. It’s one of those things that makes you stop and think….hmmmmm…I have few bounderies with Keith primarily because we have been together for almost a decade…not a lot of time to some, but significant to me.

My personal thought is that we have children together, so obviously we know each other in the physical sense, he has seen, felt, etc pretty much every inch of my body, he has seen me with my liver sitting on my stomach (I had the girls by C-section), he has seen me at 3 AM hurling in the bathroom, he will come into the bathroom to talk to me when I am in the shower and vice versa…I have seen him recovering from surgery in a hospital bed. We have feed each other when the other was unable to do so for whatever reason (see aforementioned surgeries)..I can’t think of any real issue we have…wait, there is one…there is a specific act done in the bathroom that is a no no. It’s one of those “if I’m doing this…that’s fine, but if I’m doing the other thing…no” it’s the one aspect where I have told him, “that is the one thing I don’t want you know about me, and I don’t want to know about you.”

But that is just us….maybe you don’t want your hubby to see you in curlers…maybe that’s your boundary.



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