The Joys of Pet Ownership

So I think I’m going to try to include at least one Non-reference link each time I post…ie, this is something completely random and not necessarily related to the post itself.

Today’s unrelated link: The Endless, Senseless Collaborative Book. You have got to check this one out…you can register as a user or you can just post as a guest…it’s completely mindless ramblings….My post is also my sig from my email “Light travels faster then sound which is why some folks appear bright until you hear them speak.”

So on to my craptacular day….okay it wasn’t horribly bad….just vexing….I had to take the oldest to court for something that she shouldn’t have been charged with…and No, I’m not being a blind parent…seriously, the officer was a T-wit. Here’s the backstory…we live on 5.4 acres in the boonies of Tucson…We have three dogs outside and three inside…..My oldest (almost 22) is a great kid. She rarely leaves the house and does anything, and is prone to panic attacks when strange people are around….She has been my free daycare for the past 6 years for which I’m overwhelmingly greatful and all she asks is for us to let her live here and occaisionally buy her a subscription to her online game or a laptop for Christmas in Leiu of actually paying her for her daycare services. It’s a slightly dysfunctional but workable arrangement…In any case, I get a call from her about a week and a half ago and she’s freaking out because there is one of Pima County Animal Control’s finest is outside complaining about the outside dogs. Keep in mind that my daughter doesn’t deal with people well…She reacted just like your average sheltered teenager did, she brought the dogs in and signed the citation. She also called me and I asked to speak with the officer…What a waste of time that was…

“Hi, my name is Staci Golladay, what can I do for you?”

“You can keep your dogs leashed up that’s what you can do for me.” (And yes the voice was that damn Snotty.)

Then she proceeded to tell me that she would be citing my daughter even though I was more then willing to come home and accept responsibility for the dogs as they were MINE, not hers.

Yeah that didn’t work…so anyway, today was the court date and basically she plead guilty to two counts of no Licenses…(we got reduced fines because we had gotten the licenses last week and the two charges of “Dog at Large” dismissed…

I guess the learning point for me, was that in PIMA County, any dog that is not in an enclosed area is considered “Dog at large.” Never mind the fact that the dogs were in our yard, not running the streets. And since it’s a felony to chain your dogs in this county the only option is to fence in all 5.4 acres.



In any case, I guess I can’t be too bitter about it. My daughter handled herself quite well in a situation that she had no control over and shouldn’t have been held accountable for….but I digress. I’m still going to have to file a greivence with the Animal Control officer just because her behavior was completely unprofessional. But at least that won’t have any impact on my kid.

What a cluster ****.

On a questionable up note, I’m getting ready to participate in the planning stages of my 20 year high school reunion. I’m not old enough for this….rassa-frassa.


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