Mishmash of pretty much everything.

So I already have lamenated on my knack for Procrastination. It occured to me that I really need to keep a notebook handy to jot down my ideas for writing…I am a firm believer that if you have a blog that you should only really blog about one, maybe two things on any given day…don’t ask me where I came up with that number because I really couldn’t tell you, but there it is. I have way to many thoughts that I want to share even if I’m the only one that actually reads my blog…

On to the point of this particular blog…

Yesterday Suz and I went to the neighborhood Fry’s grocery store to do some shopping…as we were coming out of the store there were like 6 of Tucson’s finest vehicle outside with lights a-flashing, and they have this young man with his hands on the roof of the primary car. One of the officers is handcuffing the young man and the other one is pulling the shoplifted booty out of bags onto the trunk of the car. The Loot? 12 cans of premade baby formula. The guy looked like a good kid…young but still..

Suz had just gotten used her WIC voucher for formula for Kaycee and it was all we could do to not give the poor guy a can that we had in our cart.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty cynical. and I have little, if any patience for active stupidity…but this guy obviously didn’t have the funds to provide for his baby….and now not only does he not have the formula to provide his child, but the money that he didn’t have for formula, he now has to spend on bail money. I don’t know about you, but myself? I have raised three of my 6 claimed children in an evironment where I have had to live paycheck to paycheck. I felt for this boy.

But at the same time, arresting him isn’t the answer nor is it okay to excuse the fact that he tried to steal…

But the question is what is the lesser of the two evils?

I can be cynical and say that the crime is never justified. But I am a mother first and a cynic second (despite all accusations to the contrary), and I say that parenthood can be a just reason…at least it would be if it were my child.

I don’t have the magic answers. But I felt for this kid. and there is the chance that I misread the situation…


As we were pulling out of our parking space, I saw a young woman…maybe 18 or so…standing by her car…with the driver’s side door open…and a child’s car seat plainly in the back….and she had a look of panic on her face…

I don’t know.

Okay, non sequiter link of the day……….The Darwin Awards…This is like those old comfy t-shirts that you never get rid of that are just to comfy to toss….It’s amazing to laugh at the abject stupidity of others.

but then I’m twisted like that.


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