Porcupine Meatballs–> Uber-Comfort Food

Being that we were due for one of our big food nights…we decided to make a tried and true dish…Porcupine Meatballs.  I have seen a few recipies for this around on the net but this version came to be via my grandmother.  (At the risk of being disrespectful, this is not the grandmother that I was particularly fond of, and I have to say this is probably the best thing to come out of my adult relationship with the woman, but I digress.

Now keep in mind that I cook for a small army…..so you can safely reduce my recipie by a quarter or a third and still have enough food for the average family of three to four…so this can be an adaptable dish….The basic Ratio is 1 lb of hamburger = 1 cup of Minute Rice= one egg= 2 small cans of tomato soup and water.

With that said, this is how we made it tonight….

We started out with 7.5 lbs of Hamburger…It was on sale and this dish makes killer leftovers..

We put the hamburger into a big honking bowl with 8 cups of Minute rice and 6 eggs.  We added Onion Powder, Pepper, Garlic Salt, Season Salt, ground Sage, and…wait, that’s was it…Okay so basically you season to taste but that’s the basic season mix that we use.  The Sage is a recent addition that my mother and grandmother would not have used, but I got make this my way.

We also added a half of a family sized can of Campbells Tomato soup.  Don’t worry about the other half, it will come into play in a few minutes.

Below is what it looked like mixed up prior to making meatballs.

Okay trust me it will all work out..despite how this looks now…

So once the hamburger et al is mixed, start rolling the meatballs. I tend to prefer golf ball sized meatballs but ever since we have started having the girls help out they range all the way from a ping-pong sized to a small apple sized. This much will make approx 50 meatballs.

Remember that half of a can of Tomato soup we had leftover? Combine that with another 4 large cans of tomato soup and equal parts of water and start simmering that in a huge stockpot. As the meatballs are formed, dump them in the soup mix.


Simmer covered for anywhere from an hour to two depending how many meatballs you have. Make Mashed potatos and serve in a bowl with the meatballs and soup on top.  Season to taste with salt and pepper.





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