Am I being unreasonably harsh?

Okay so I decided to check CNN before jumping off line to cuddlle with my little PuterMonk (Kaycee-Lyn) and I came across the following story.

I think this father needs to be brought back to life, b*tchslapped, thwaped a few times with a cast iron skillet and then shot again.
In what reality can any one justify “Losing a job” as a suitable reason for shooting your five children, wife, calling it in and then killing yourself?

Don’t get me wrong..I am not a well off woman. Keith and I make decent money but are still lower middle class at best. Suz stays with us but doesn’t work (She’s the housemouse for now), between the three of us we have two sets of twins ages 6 and 5, Nicole (adult child of Keith) and now Kaycee-Lynn. Keith and I have lived hand to mouth for our entire relationship, we both have filed for bankruptcy in the past, are contacted daily by creditors and have come within days of losing our house to the mortgage company. We have had dinners of just ramen noodles and green beans. We have $1000’s worth of stuff in the Pawn shops. We have extended ourselves with PDL’s over the course of the past 5 years. I lost my job 4 years ago, Keith struggles with the thought of losing his daily now.

But at no time have we ever given up or thought “Gee life sucks so bad…not only am I going to quit life, but I’ll make sure my family keeps me company.”

I try to pride myself on someone who try’s to look at things from all angles.

There is no other angle here. The man was selfish. He was not thinking of his family. He was feeling sorry for himself and decided that misery needed to have company.

What a crock of Hooey.


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