Redneck Food Bliss

So I have made no bones about the fact that I am a recovering redneck.  But I often find myself channeling Al Pacnio in Godfather 3.  “Everytime I get out they pull me back in..”

I think that I have adopted most of Keiths Midweastern eating habits and blended them with my So-cal/TexMex habits, bypassing my former Redneck tendencies…Except for Gravy.

No don’t get me wrong, I can wield a mean gravy packet…but I make some pretty fine pan gravy too…in fact it is expected that when Momma makes gravy, it’s from scratch…

Albertson’s had Pork Chops on sale for .88 a lb. Naturally I HAD to buy a pack and basically simmer fry it in the electric skillet with a bit of canola, salt and pepper…Normally this means mashed potatos as a side…but this time I bought 3 lbs of shredded potatoes and made milk gravy…4 teaspoons of canola…a cup of flour…two cans of evaperated milk and a cup and a half of water…season salt, garlic powder, onion powder and PEPPER!!!

OMG…FOOD BLISS BABY!!!!!!!!  The consensus is that I may have outdone myself with the gravy…Even the sick Buggie pronounced it Yum even though she could 0nly eat a few bites….

sometimes, Momma is just that damn good.



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