Sunday Cruising….

So Keith and I usually take Sunday morning and go out to the little flea market (called a swapmeet, in Tucson) and putz around…he gets to look for WWII collectibles and I get to expand my library of mindless reading…topped off with a killer Chile Rellano burro from one of the little vendors out named Sergio. Now Sergio and I have a this ongoing thing where he gets our food and we eat and then I get up to go and forget to pay….he’s pretty laid back about it…Keith gets more antsy about it…and he doesn’t really have any set price…I mean he has them listed on the wall but to be honest..we get the same thing every week and we don’t pay the same each week…it kinda depends on his mood…and how good his day has gone so far. Back to the story…

I ordered today same as always…Carne Asada burro (just meat, and salt please) for Keith, a Chile Rellano burro for me and two orders of Pan bread. Today Sergio brought me the burros and I waited. I turned around and asked him “Sergio? did you forget the Pan bread?” Naturally he was blushing that he did forget…I told him not to worry that he was just paying me back for the times that I have forgotten to pay him…it was “you had to be there” humor.

So I came home and checked my blogs stats as I do every time I log in….and I noticed that my traffic from yesterday’s post all came from a new referrer……interesting….it’s like flipping through the guide on a the TV in in 5 minutes or less…when you go to the site, it starts this surfing thing where you visit the blog for a few second just to see if you might be interested….then you can bookmark for later viewing. The site will then move onto the next site…We shall see if it’s a site that’s good to me…lol…

I’m feeling old today…maybe I will go take a nap. And actually take one instead of just talking about it.


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