Day Three-only slightly delayed.

Okay so I had planned on doing this challenge on time on a daily basis.

Then life hit and I had several job interviews and had to put in applications, then I had to help Keith with some stuff. Needless to say any time that I spent online was doing mindless stuff like playing Farkle to keep my brain off the fact that I felt like I was withering. I have been out of work for about two weeks and while I fully expected a considerable chunk of that time to be spent looking for more work, I had also hoped to work on my genealogy stuff and my writing because that is the type of thing that brings something to my life, whether it is meaning for MY existence beyond Mother, and Partner. Instead I have been just worn away by the day to day mom and house mouse stuff and the kids starting school. I feel horrible saying that because I don’t want the perception that I don’t love my family, because I do…but it’s hard when there is no time for you.

I have been reading the posts that Tasra has posted during her challenge and I have been keeping up on thinking about the lessons to be learned. I will be posting the daily posts, perhaps two daily to catch up….

But not today…starting tomorrow I will post no less than two. At least till I catch-up….

Okay on to the day three stuff:

Step 1: Keep a time journal this week for how you spend your days.

Step 2: Evaluate the biggest time waster and what the payoff was.

Step 3: Write a short list of alternate activities you can do next time.

Step 4: How would you describe your current season of life?

1: I can’t. Pure and simple. It’d take me more time to write up a time journal. Time has a way of stealing away from me…..when I do track it…I still find myself having to justify not getting this done or that done. Kinda like this blog….It’s something that I have to do to…I feel it. I want to, I need to. But if I take the time to write, it’s like I have to justify the time to my family (not that they would openly give me grief, it’s more of a perceived accusations.)

2: My biggest time waster is called wheel spinning. Today I went to do a drug test so I can start work on the 24th. Fine no problem, then I had to run to the factory 2 you to get a few spare uniform shirts for the girls. Then I put gas in the car and came home. I ate lunch, and then dozed off for about ten minutes before the baby and grandbaby woke up from their nap. Then I had to deal with 4 kindergarten and first grade kids, the 6 month old and the grandbaby. Normally I do well, but the kids were all kinds of funky because Keith has a new schedule for part of the week now and he missed three nights with them, and they aren’t doing well with the change. He isn’t either but he’s not here right now… regardless, that’s where my time goes. I’m trying to get the kids to understand that they don’t need to be underfoot constantly and normally they adjust better but this time it’s just taking a bit longer. It seriously is eating into Momma’s ME time.

3: Write. Walk. Duct tape the kids to the wall….I have hot pink tape I could use. Oh all right I won’t duct tape them. But it DID sound somewhat appealing for all of two seconds.

4: The current season is probably winter. Or perhaps fall going into Winter. With my losing my job and issues with Keith’s job…and then the just stress of having the
grandbaby staying with us…not her per se, but the situation that is causing her to be in our care….just life in general I guess. We are over stressed financially, emotionally…I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s very faint and quite a bit away. I have been accused of having a “What needs to be done will be done.” Kind of attitude in my life and it’s always served me well but there are times where it’s not always easy to see the big picture for others. I have been told that my mindset is not realistic, but it’s worked for me so far.

Whew…I’m tired now.


One Response to “Day Three-only slightly delayed.”

  1. Tasra Dawson Says:

    Pink duct tape…. that’s got to be the first time I’ve ever heard that! Winter can be hard, but that’s the time to snuggle in close to a warm fire, get close to the ones you love, remember the warm memories of summer, and dream big for the coming of Spring.

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