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I love this linky

October 30, 2009

love all this | Inspired by jeannr, I flowcharted the Beatles….


Seven months and counting

September 24, 2009

That’s how long it will be until my son comes home from his first tour with the USMC.  Here’s hoping he comes home to his mentally exhausted mother safe and sound.


Rocking and Rolling at the (Blog)Hop!

July 25, 2009

It’s all Mary’s fault (I blame everything fun on Mary). She posted about the Blog Hop. I plan on visiting every blog tonight…as there is over 200 so far, I guess sleep tonight is out of the question…if you haven’t joined the part yet, what are you waiting for???? Get going…

Edited to include about me stuff:  I’m a mom of six (3 that I spawned, 3 that I claim), a grandaughter to two with the third on the way.  and the middle grandbaby is living with me…I work full time as a work force analyst at a call center…I have been with my partner Keith for the 8 and a half years and he is my soulmate.  I write to stay sane and to block out the noise of two sets of twins, a toddler and a baby at dinnertime.  I write on helium, research genealogy like a madwoman, and have a wickedly warped sense of humor.   I am a self taught techno nerdlet (not nearly as nerdy as some, but a bit more then your average Mama Bear.

And another week goes by

January 20, 2009

I haven’t had the energy to post for a week. I don’t really have the energy to post tonight but I wanted to do so… We made something for dinner last night with the uncouth name of Fart Beans. Tastes wonderful, but sounds nast.

I’m feeling kind of out of it…My boss told me today that I have been off….Not sure I’m okay with his assesment any more then I am with the fact that he may be right.

Hopefully I’ll have something more meaningful to say tomorrow.

Happy Birthday to me!!!

January 12, 2009

The girls just called me at work and Sang Happy Birthday to me!!! But was was really cute is that I heard my sister in the back ground going “ya old bat” and both girls turned around and said “mommy is not OLD, Auntie!”

I love my girls.

So I’m going to say Happy Birthday to myself. Woot!

This is only supposd to happen with toy train sets and dollies that wet themselves.

December 28, 2008

Just a quick note. I’m really miffed today. My wonderful christmas present, my new camera, is dead. Kaput. It just won’t turn on. It’s probably out of juice and I can’t charge it because the USB cable is fried. so I have to return it, but I am just not happy. Keith was making fun of me about it last night because I was in tears. He reminded me that he kept the receipt. I knew there was a reason I loved this man.

Off to get a replacement. I’ll show the new one when I get back

The Check actually was in the mail

December 24, 2008

I checked the mail today and found a check for $5 from the Nielsen online (you know they don’t just wreck my favorites TV shows’ chances for survival anymore).

Okay so it’s only $5, but come on…it’s only for signing up and staying signed up. They run cookies in the background of my browser, and I can End task on the program in the background anytime I want, so it’s not that big of an issue for me. Between that and some of my other survey sites, it’s a “every little penny” counts. I think I’m most happy with Pinecone Research for actual surveys. It’s a bit slow to have them sent to you…especially when you have a unremarkable household as we apparently do.


Wait. My family unremarkable? Say it ain’t so, Joe…We have Keith and I, who might as well be married….our oldest daughter Nicole, My sister, her two twins, and another one on the way, and then my two girls. 6 dogs, 5 cats and two goldfish that are only alive because of some mutant gene that prevents them from dying. Unremarkable.

I think not.

But I digress.

So despite the fact that Nielson provided me with a check for $5, I have to complain. Who’s the mental genius who is responsible for cancelling “My own Worst Enemy”? I happen to like that show. It comes on right after Heroes each Monday night..and besides, I have to say that Christian Slater’s sense of sarcasm is second to only myself…And my parents.

So I remember growing up and hearing about those “darn Nielson” households that didn’t boost the ratings of each show and I always wanted to visit one of those homes and shake the people and say “This is the BEST show on air in the free world and you are denying it 3 measly Rating points!? Are you flippin’ nuts?!”

Topic Change:

I read an interview with Dustin Hoffman over the weekend and in it he claims to not have a “censoring gene.” I found this insanely amusing as I have long maintained that I have a little foulmouthed troll that sits on my shoulder and has a running commentary about pretty much everything that I observe, hear, think about, talk about etc….It’s not me that is bitingly sarcastic…it’s the Troll….And occasionally I have to put mental Duct tape over the trolls mouth to keep the words from spewing out. Which is what happened to my troll tonight…

Read On.

My son is back in town for the holidays from Camp Pendleton, CA. He of course is staying with his girlfriend (with whom he broke up with over Thanksgiving, but some how managed to get back together by this past Sunday.) Anyway, he calls me today and is all upset that he bought her a DVD player for Christmas and gave it to her this evening and she got genuinely angry that he bought it.



I don’t get it.

But regardless, I was a good Mommy, I managed to keep all the snide comments about “that stupid $$%%^#E$%#$% doesn’t deserve to have you in her life” and “how dare that O*URYR&Iuo0yYU act so ungrateful about receiving a gift that was actually thought out”…I managed to keep the Troll one a tight leash and provide some different potential perspectives. “Well maybe she just felt bad about not getting you anything that expensive.”

He was unamused. He took a walk down the main street at his end of Tucson to cool off. I was reminded again, (and I reiterated this to him) that he inherited the best and worst from his father and I. And regrettably he got his temper from both of us.

The Mother in me wanted to throttle that silly twit…but I’ll get a grip before I get up tomorrow morning. Who knows he may have gotten over it and they might have worked it out.


Here’s a thought…Nah…never mind, that’ld’ve blown up in my face in a BIG Way.

Da Momma’s work is never done. I’m off to bed….I’ll go cash my whopping check tomorrow.

Minor deversion

December 23, 2008

I couldn’t help it, I had to share.

funny pictures of cats with captions