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Spread the word–> Lizzie Bell and the power of One Pint

March 23, 2009

So Keith and I will occassionally watch Ty’s folks on Exreme Makeover Home Edition. Well last night one of his co-workers called and told him that he had to watch last nights episode because if featured a local family from Tucson, The Bells. Here’s the gist behind the the show. Anyway, I’m such a sap and I gotta say, this little girl is one smart cookie. Unbelievably so. And it doesn’t stop there…her little sister (who is two years younger and already 3 inches taller then Lizzie) is a very sweet little girl (of twelve) who loves sports. I think the thing that got to me the most was a comment that the Dad made during one of the segments. He told on of the Makerover folks that he had just sold his truck to pay some bills and that he felt that he had failed in taking care of his family. Whoa…This is a man who has a child that has special needs and he has spent the past 14 years taking care of this child to the best of his ability, spending thousands and thousands on medical care and he has failed? I SO completely think not.

I’m babbling again, aren’t I? Back to the show. In any case, this amazing little girl (of 14, it’s all relative to me)has a rare blood disorder, and her life depends getting transfusions every few weeks. She has made it her goal to help spread the word about donating blood. She also helped found create “Lizzie’s Loot” a program that collects toys for children who are in the hospital.

Anyway, DO me a favor, Visit this little girls family’s site The John P Bell foundation and take a look. And for Lizzie, Go donate a pint of blood. You’ll save a life…perhaps one day your own.

If you have a blog of your own and you read this, Give a mention about Little Miss Lizzie and what she is asking us to do. Spread the word.