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Motherhood–Anthony Style, Take Two.

January 25, 2009

I told myself that I was going to leave the Casey/Caylee Anthony coverage alone…I had no intention of re-hashing  news reports, primarily because it is so heartbreaking and it is just….horrifying.

Then I read the latest this week regarding details of how Caylee was found, and how Grandfather George Anthony had attempted, or at least contemplated with a high degree of seriousness, suicide to be with his granddaughter.


I think the little detail that got to me the most was not that Caylee’s body was wrapped up in duct tape and then covered in a Winnie the Pooh blanket (that’s just mindboggling enough.)…What REALLY got to me was the presumed intentional placing of a heart shaped sticker on the duct tape.  What kind of warped message is there….

And then George Anthony sends suicidal text messages to his family saying that he wanted to be with Caylee…and the harsh, judgmental side of me says “that’s a little to little to late….why didn’t you acknowledge the evidence earlier and realize that your daughter is an exceedingly ill person who hurt your grandbaby.”  And the understanding compassionate side of me says “Don’t be like that…I couldn’t imagine thinking that ill of my child and there would be no reason to think that your daughter would hurt her child….”

What a Sucky situation all around.  I try to imagine that I am cynical enough about the world in general and the human condition that very little fazes me…unless it involves a child….This just stuns me.


Motherhood–Anthony style

December 21, 2008

WARNING: THIS POST CONCERNS THE CASEY/CAYLEE ANTHONY HEADLINES THAT ARE ALL OVER THE NEWS. Please feel free to skip this post if this will bother you in any way shape or form

Okay, Now that I have the disclaimer out the way….it’s 10:12 PM with me right now and I’m getting ready to hit the bed….But I was jumping around CNN and I saw the latest on the Caylee Anthony investigation. The redneck in me is having fits because there is an uncharitable part of me that things Casey Anthony should be strung up by her toes. Then there’s the part of me that trys to be open minded and “let’s look at all the angles.”

I can’t be the only that is having a duel between the logical side of my brain and the emotional.

Logical: We don’t know all the facts. She is innocent until PROVEN guilty. Perhaps this was a tragic accident that she just made a bad choice on.

Emotional: How can you give birth to a child and then A) harm that child, or B) hide the fact that either you or someone else harmed that child for MONTHS.

It just astounds me how someone, anyone can take such a blessed gift of a child and just toss it into a plastic bag and be done with it.

I’m sorry, I know this is a touchy subject but it just makes me want to hold my girls a little tighter when they come to me and say “Mommy, I’m sorry for talking back.” or “I didn’t mean to sit on the play-doh and get it all over my pants.” or Just to tell me that I’m the bestest mommy in the whole world and they want to give me butterfly kisses.

Unlike Casey, I treasure my little brats.

They make me want to pull my hair out, since I’m going prematurely grey, but still, I’d not trade them for love nor money. No Sane mother ever would.
Okay off my soapbox…just had to vent a tiny bit.